Marketing Business Coaching for Women in Hitchin and done-for-you online marketing 

welcome to the start of your journey to success

Are you a woman

  • thinking about starting up a business 
  • startup business but feeling overwhelmed?
  • waking up wondering where to start?
  • wanting to work to suit you?
  • wanting to create financial freedom?
  • confused by which marketing is right for you
  • overwhelmed/fed up/mystified by social media?
  • not sure how to run your business?
  • feeling lonely and losing motivation working alone?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, don’t worry, you are not alone! Read on…

If you are frantically nodding your head as you read this, keep reading, there is help at hand!

Know that you have something special to create in your life, whether you have a burning passion and desire to share your gift or unique message with the world or you are struggling with not earning enough and want to change your life to become financially independent, keep reading. It is my desire to help you create that. You are not alone. 

Welcome to The Women’s Marketing Club!

My name is Claire Humphries and I am the founder of The Women’s Marketing Club.

During the time I have been running my own businesses I have set up a business startup support and networking group for women, offered training and coaching in business startup skills and life-coaching, set up and run a number of businesses myself and worked for other small companies helping them with their marketing and personal development.

I love sharing my skills and knowledge and I know that I can save you time, effort and money, (not to mention frustration and misery) by teaching you what to do (in simple concise steps) and giving you support, so that you can work in and on your business with clarity and confidence towards a clear vision of success with fun and ease.

Our Mission

It is our mission at The Women’s Marketing Club to support and empower women who want to set up their own successful business. We know you don’t want to spend your life marketing so we offer a cohesive program of training through five powerful steps to help you reach growth and success, just learning what you need to learn without wasting time, money and resources in a simple and easy to follow jargon-free way.

Whether you are right at the start wondering where to start or up and running for a while but your efforts aren’t working in the way you hoped, The Women’s Marketing Club is here to offer you a supportive community in which to learn and grow with ease and fun. We know that your business can only grow as much as you do so we put you and your development at the heart of everything we offer to make your business a success.

What is different about The Women’s Marketing Club?

We offer online marketing, business coaching and personal development training programs, networking and support for women both online and in person in Hertfordshire in Hitchin, Hertford and Welwyn Garden City. We offer women access to the training they need to startup, run and find success in their own business in a flexible way with options to suit.

There are many trainings and workshops out there and coaches aplenty but no-one offers everything you need in a simple, easy to follow structure with flexibility to suit you at the right price. I did soooo many workshops over the years, both learning and teaching, and now finally after learning, failing and finally succeeding am I feeling like I get it! Of course I am still learning, that will never stop and each new step towards my goal brings new challenges.

I’m not going to lie, starting your own business is one of the most challenging things you will ever do. You will come up against your own limitations and beliefs, time after time. You need people around you that can reflect that back to you, be your cheerleader and to guide you in the right direction towards success.

Success is different for everyone so let’s find out what it means to you and let me guide and support you on the way there…

What are you waiting for?


I know how long it has taken to get clarity and success. Learning without a vision or support has led to frustration, confusion and time and money wasted. We all succeed when we learn how to ask for help, collaborate and enjoy being part of a community of women who want to create a business that brings financial success and freedom.


The Women’s Marketing Club offers training, networking, coaching and support, one to one or in groups. Full membership means you can go at your own pace, access support,  come along to training and networking events to meet and learn with others, have a bit more fun in your business and get away from your computer!


We are based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertford, Stevenage and Hitchin, Hertfordshire and online. We run networking and training events for women in Hitchin, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Hertford as well as online through our website and Facebook group. Our groups are small and informal so you can ask the questions you need.

Join the club!

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We respect your time and privacy so we promise not to bombard you with emails, give your address to anyone else and you can remove yourself at anytime (obvs we hope you don’t!).