I get it, I teach this stuff but still I have days where I struggle to stay confident with running my own businesses and end up in a place of overwhelm or anxiety and doubting what I am trying to do.

What I do know through working with clients and from working through my own struggles is that there are some things that I do and teach that do make a difference and help me and others get back on track to feeling good.

Today I am going to share with you some of my best tips but I have a few more things that I can’t fit in one post so I’m going to make this a two-part so watch out for Part 2.

1. Getting over SHOULD
There are so many things we think we should be doing to grow our business that it can lead to crippling overwhelm and anxiety but what if we decided to shop “shoulding” all over ourselves?

Lately I have stopped doing anything I think I should be doing and trusting my intuition and relaxing instead. This takes the pressure off, and more importantly allows me to refocus on what I want to do; what I do best and brings me joy, rather than what do I feel I must do, which makes me feel put upon and miserable and usually ends up in procrastination.

Action tips: 

1: Step away from the computer and take a breather. Remind yourself why you set up your business and what you want to do to achieve that. Don’t do stuff that you hate or don’t feel comfortable doing as it’s pointless. And don’t think you should be on every social media platform, pick two and do them well.

2: Work to your strengths; if you like writing, write blogs, if you like visuals create them, if you are happy using your camera to do a Live do that but if you dread it, don’t (or push through and get better, challenge yourself but only if YOU want to!). 

3. Stop comparing.  You are not like anyone else and neither is your business, your challenges, your filters, your strengths, your budget or your goals so when you look at it like that, it makes no sense to compare yourself to others! But we do, especially women, even really high-achieving ones, and it’s a surefire path to misery.

So trust in your dream, your vision and allow yourself to be inspired by others but to respect what you want to achieve and stay true to your own path and your goals.

Become aware of when your bullying inner critic is speaking (more about that in my next blog post) as that loves to make you feel bad.
Action tips: Write down your vision of what you want to achieve in your business. Write a vision statement or mission. Spend time to feel it and know how it feels to have achieved it. What will you be doing on a daily basis? What would your perfect/average day look like? How much money would you be earning? 

Reframe your doubts with statements like “if I achieve X then ……”
Laminate it or stick this on your desktop or on the wall and read it each day and/or when you have a wobble. 

2. Know yourself
When you set up your business, it is essential to get as much clarity as you can on who YOU are, what YOU want, what is YOUR why. Knowing this will make you feel more confident, avoiding many of the dips and helping you back on the saddle when you do fall.
Understanding yourself better will help you with time, energy, motivation and make your journey so much smoother. When we aren’t clear, we just grab at everything and think we should do everything but if we know who we are and our strengths and weaknesses we can play to them, get help with our weaknesses or outsource.
Action tips: Take time to do a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). Draw a quadrant and write each word in a quadrant and ask yourself what are my strengths, my assets, my advantages over competitors (eg. knowledge, skills, network, resources etc).

Ask your friends and clients if you find this hard. Don’t beat yourself up, that’s not what “weaknesses” is for, look at what you could do better, where are the gaps in your business, what do you need to be competitive. Be honest with yourself. Check out Google for examples.

Check out my Clarity page with more resources to help you [CLICK HERE]

I hope this post really helps you with confidence, please comment and share or get in touch if any of what I have said resonates with you.
I’m already writing Part 2 as I realise there is too much for one post so come back soon for the number one problem with your confidence and how to manage it AND how to create confidence when you just aren’t feeling it.

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