Thousands of people start up a new business each day but the sad fact is that 80% of them go on to fail.

Below are 5 proven steps you need to take to become part of the 20% who reach growth and success:

Clarity, Strategy, Confidence, Visibility, Connection.

Step One: Build The Foundations with Clarity.

If your house is your business, then clarity is the foundation. It doesn’t even make sense to think of building the walls without a foundation and yet people do it in business all the time.

So are you crystal clear on who your customer is and exactly what problem you solve for them? Are you clear on where these people are, the price you should be charging and how to increase your business or create better packages?   If not, you need to go back to the start and look at who you serve and how you serve them.

Action Point:  Look at every aspect of your business and if you are unclear on any area revisit it and get the clarity you need. Remember, people buy to solve a problem! Are you clear on the problem you solve for your market?

Step Two: Create a Strategy for your Business

Once you have clarity, you can more forward to strategy.

How are you going to implement your ideas to create your successful business? Which tools are you going to use to make that as easy and pain-free as possible?

Create your blueprint and stick to it to avoid overwhelm and losing your focus.

Action point:  Have a look at the strategies you are using.  Are they working for you? Are you wasting time, not getting the results you want or feeling overwhelmed?  If so, then change something today and stop wasting your most precious resource…your time.

Step Three: Get Over Your Limiting Beliefs to Find the Confidence to Be You

No matter how good your business skills or strategy, if you don’t believe in yourself and your gifts, you won’t succeed.

I’m not talking about being an extrovert but you do need to find the confidence to walk into a room, introduce yourself and talk about your business with clarity and confidence and utterly believe that you can deliver what you offer. How can you expect other people to buy into you if you don’t yourself?

Action point:  Look at your own fears around business to see what is holding you back. Do you dread having sales conversations? Are you uncomfortable about charging your worth? Are you procrastinating or overwhelmed? Scared to do a Facebook Live? Your business will only grow as much as you do so if you want to be successful you need to get over your blocks.

Step Four: Get Visible in Your Niche

Once we are clear on what we want and why, who we are going to sell it to and how, we need to become visible. No successful business can remain a secret.

Your customers need to know who you are, otherwise how can they find you? Make sure that you are sharing the core ideas and your offer consistently into your market and commit to becoming ‘famous’ in your market; the go-to person.

Action step: Look at your marketing and your visibility.   Are you positioning yourself as the expert?  If not think about how you can show your expertise in a more visible way and to more people. Testimonials shared online are a great way to get more visibility and show yourself as an expert.

Step Five:  Get Deeper Connections and Rapport in your Market and Business.

There are two elements to the connection part of this process.

The first is to get deeper rapport with your market.  People buy from those they know, like and trust so make sure that you are showing the real you in your marketing.  People buy from people first so allow your tribe to be attracted to you by building heartfelt rapport and connection.  This makes selling your services easier as your market will trust and like you.

The second area of connection is building your business with like-minded people.  You can’t do this on your own so don’t try.  Find others to support you and help you along your journey to success.  Building your business is a marathon and running a marathon on your own is lonely and you are more likely to stumble along the way or give up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Action Steps:

1:  Be yourself in your marketing.  Let people see you, remember “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

2:  Find your tribe!  On or off-line; having that support is essential.

So in short, start with clarity, then create your strategy, find your confidence to break through your barriers, get visible and make connections to nurture and support you. All of these steps will help you to reach growth and success.

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