About Julie.

Welcome here, a place where you will find inspiration, encouragement and information that will light your fire.  Where ever you are on this wonderful journey of life you may be seeking guidance, support and creative imagination to spur you on. As women we are able to achieve so much more together in collaboration.

My Identity as thought leader, coach and mentor for the last 25 years allows me the privilege of being able to help you find your Genius Zone.  You know, the place you feel at your most naturally brilliant.  No pushing or striving to be the best because when you are in that Zone you just are, You are in everything.

When you take up your true Identity you will have massive impact in the World.  You will live in alignment with your core values and beliefs, your skills support the identity and you build the environment that supports you too.

My Group work is built on the understanding that we do more together than we could ever achieve alone.  Group Inspiration is what I create and personal transformation is what you can expect to achieve.  Every month I bring over 30 amazing women together for personal development and growth. Gaining deep insight into who they really are.  Dropping any masks, any pretense, being vulnerable and raw while being supported to shine.

If group work is not for you right now perhaps it’s 1-2-1 VIP treatment that would best support you. An opportunity to work specifically on your inner compass so you know exactly the direction you are headed to achieve your dreams.

Top tips for your personal growth are:

1. Get to know yourself really well.  The inner work is a game changer so get support to do this before you spend hours and money on seeking answers from the external World.  It’s all in YOU

2. Surround yourself with the kind of support that serves your growth.  People who hold you up and encourage you to be the best you can be.  You in turn will support others on their journey and feel the joy of collaboration.

If you are a woman stepping into a new Identity it would be my pleasure to be YOUR thought leader and conscious guide.

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