The clearer you are, the easier it is for customers to find you…

If your business is a house then clarity is your foundation.

Every successful business is built on knowing exactly why you are in business, what you have to offer, what is stopping you from achieving your goals, how you will best serve your customers, who they are and what they really need from you. Very few business owners have real clarity and yet not having it makes marketing pointless, causing you more harm than good. In our program we will start out by helping you to find the right questions to ask so that you can find the clarity and confidence to serve your customers and create the life that you truly dream of.


There are 3 elements to clarity; knowing yourself, knowing your customers, knowing your product. 

Many of us (myself included!) skipped over the need to find clarity only to find ourselves going round and round in circles, frustrated at being unable to reach the customers we know that we can help. By locking down our clarity we can move forward with certainty knowing exactly what we don’t want (this will become important later) and exactly what we do so that we can create our vision, our blueprint for success.

Know Your Self

Everything starts with you
Create your business vision around your desires. What do you want to create inside and out of your business? How much money do you want to earn? When do you want to work? Where? How much? What is your budget for marketing? Let’s reverse engineer so you can be clear on what you want and then how you are going to create it.

  • Percentage of business owners who believe their wellbeing affects that of their business: 78% 78%

Know Your Market

Know your customer and speak to her
Create an avatar and really get to know her. Nail down who you want to work with and know everything about them. New businesses fail by not doing this and waste money blanket marketing. Once you know your avatar, speak to them in your advertising, call them out and let them know you exist for them only.

  • Percentage of startups that fail: 90% 90%

Know Your Product

Know what your customers really want
What do your customers want and how can you align that with what you are offering? Too many people make the mistake of offering what they want to offer without considering if there is a market for it. Find your buyer’s pain or pleasure. Remember, people buy what they think they want, not what you know they need.

  • Percentage of failed startups that didn’t identify a market: 42% 42%

Creating your Avatar

An avatar is the name given to the model that represents your ideal customer. By identifying and getting to know her, you become familiar with her likes and dislikes and find out where she hangs out. Ignore this at your peril; knowing who and where your ideal client is allows you to find her, to advertise directly to her, saving you time and money.

The more you know about your avatar, the easier it will be to communicate and the process will allow you to hone in on what kind of person you want to work with too. Let’s start creating now by answering these simple questions:

Do it in a way that suits you; scribble, draw, vision-board, mind-map and don’t stick to the ones listed add your own

  1. What sex?
  2. How old?
  3. Where do they live? work?
  4. Married? Single?
  5. Children? Ages? Interests?
  6. Hobbies?
  7. Income?
  8. Education?
  9. Profession?
  10. Stage of life? (student/retired/parent etc)
  11. Clothing?
  12. Shopping?
  13. Social media?
  14. Reading – books, magazines, podcasts?
  15. Computer literate?
  16. Personality type?
  17. Traits?
  18. Holiday destinations?
  19. Films? TV?
  20. Car/transport?
  21. Health?
  22. Beliefs? Religion?
  23. Values?
  24. Goals?


* See if you can find a photo of what this person might look like and give them a name

* Copy it up onto one sheet and laminate it, keep it to hand when marketing or communicating with customers

* Create a negative avatar to find out what kind of person you definitely don’t want to work with!


There are no right or wrong answers, just keep going deeper and deeper. If you aren’t sure of any answers, ask yourself, who would I like to work with? Who would I get on with and be able to serve with joy? Trust me, this will be one of the most useful exercises you ever do for your business.


Create your vision


We all have our own reasons for setting up our business and so before you start, it is really a good idea to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and get your thoughts down. 

Writing helps us organise our thoughts and present them in a more coherent fashion and allows us to actually see who we are and get some clarity. When we get lost (and we all have those days) our written notes and ideas give us somewhere to come back to and remind why we are doing this. 

If you are getting itchy feet to get on with the actual business stuff, trust me, that impatient side of you that doesn’t want to do the ground work, will be the part of you that will cost you valuable time and money on marketing and probably a fancy website too that will be pointless because you won’t be able to reach your audience (been there, done that and so has nearly every business owner I know!). 

One of the most valuable and fascinating things I learnt as a business owner was around finding my why, because it is easy to get lost in what we do for people (details, facts and figures) and how much do I need to make to pay the bills. Your clients will respond to your why and the best person to explain that is Simon Sinek, author of “Starting with Why”. Here is his excellent TED talk (and if you want to buy his book click here)


It is helpful to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work to your strengths and get help, support or outsource your weaknesses.

Many business owners try to do everything when we start up often because we are time rich and cash poor but this can be a massive waste of our time and energy when we could be operating in our zone of genius and doing what we love to attract more clients. 




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