Jenny Ford is an author who writes Fiction and Inspirational. books for adults and magical story colouring books for children, including a dyslexia friendly version. Jenny’s main focus is positivity and loves writing things that make people smile.

Jenny also Co presents on the Out and About show radio Verulam based in St Albans.

When diagnosed in 2010 with MS Jenny was forced to give up her successful business as a mobile beauty therapist which was soul destroying, then in 2014 Jenny ‘s life took a complete turn around when she wrote her first book, which was more of a surprise to her than anyone as she had no interest in writing at all not even as a child, Jenny’s lack of school education was certainly not an
indication that she would become an author, just ask her teachers!

Several books later and a play adapted from one of her books you can say Jenny has finally found what her true life’s purpose is writing. Jenny say’s ‘ Without all the knocks and challenges I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today. Always believe in yourself, have faith and trust, look how amazingly life has changed for me.

If it can happen to me it can happen to you. Never give up!

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